What You Need to Have a Winning Mobile App Design

What sets a popular, successful Mobile App apart from the others? Is it all the wild things it can do if you drill-down; or is it all the bright colors, and movement on the screen? Depending on what your mobile app will be used for, you can attract people with gimmicks, and lose them after one use. This is what you need to have a winning mobile app design that people will be coming back to on a regular basis.

A Winning Mobile App Design should follow Four Simple Guidelines

1. Remember the word MOBILE

Your Winning Mobile App Design should be designed to be used comfortably with one hand. People may sometimes use both hands while texting or scrolling through screens. However, if you keep in mind that your app can be easily used with one hand, you are already ahead of much of your competition. Some design developers scoff at the term “user friendly”. You should not. Remember, you are trying to reach, and keep as many “users” as possible. Being a techno-snob will not increase traffic on your mobile app, so remember to keep your mobile app, mobile.

2. Please the EYE

Your Winning Mobile App Design should be visually stimulating. It does not have to be loud or garish; unless that is the people you are appealing to. A pleasing combination of colors, shades and gradients should convey a welcome message to every casual visitor.

3. Make it FAST

A Winning Mobile App Design has some speed and power under that attractive exterior. We are living in a society that depends on immediacy. Navigating through your Mobile App with Mach speed will bring users back time after time. They do not have time to waste waiting for a page to appear. Surprise your visitors by giving them more than what they expect, consistently, and they will visit your Winning Mobile App Design, consistently. Give them that information now. 

4. Size Matters

The Winning Mobile App Design teams will remember that they are creating a mobile app that needs to be read, and navigated on a smaller screen. Adapting to the smaller screen means finding the best combination of typeface and font size that is not only readable, but also pleasing to the eye.

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