What You Need to Know Before Hiring an iOS Developer

The best part about iOS development isn’t just the finished product - it’s when a user downloads your app for the first time. They will either have a positive or a negative experience. The iOS developer you choose will affect the overall success of your mobile app. Before hiring an iOS developer in NY, here are a couple of things you will need to know.

Collect More than Just 2 or 3 Bids

Often times, many business owners will search Google for an iOS developer and choose the first couple of developers that populate on the results page. This is like placing a list of names in a hat and randomly selecting someone for the job.

Never choose a developer based solely on price.

It's important to note that iOS development is an investment. You get what you pay for. There should be a happy medium as far as pricing is concerned.

Be wary of any developer who offers dirt cheap prices or anyone who charges astronomical fees.

Ask for proof.

Ask to review his/her portfolio. Better yet, ask if you can test out one of the applications that your prospective developer has created. You will want to pay close attention to the overall design of the application and the ease of use.

Make sure that you have an in depth consultation with your potential developer. His or her main focus should be on creating an application for the end user in mind. After all, your customers will be using your app.


Provide Your Developer with Sufficient Information

This will make your life and the life of the developer much easier. Provide him/her with detailed information of what you want out of the project. Obviously, you may not know all of the technical terms - unless you're a developer yourself. However, you can still provide them with the type of features, specifications and functionality you desire.

You can get ideas by visiting the App Store. This will help your prospective developer figure out the cost and other important details of your project. It will also give him/her a clear idea of what you envision for a mobile app.

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