What Your Clients Want Most: A Personalized Web Experience

Clients want a personalized web experience, not generic web copy which is designed to appeal to everyone under the sun. A sophisticated marketer realizes that when you appear desperate to appeal to every buyer possible, you actually appeal to no one.

Fortunately, technology today enables you to create a customized, targeted and personalized experience for each buyer persona of your company. Using marketing software that is contextual, you can show existing and potential clients the content they desire most to see.

Using created content, you can customize the website experience of a visitor so they are bestowed with the content which is most pertinent to their buying stage and persona.

  • You may decide to create different user experiences based on geography, visitor's industry, product interest, persona profile or stage in the journey of the buyer. It's important to keep it simple initially. It is critical to determine your target clientele and the relevant buyer personas. Personalization begins with the stages of the buyer's journey from stranger to lead and lead to customer.
  • The right message has to be placed in front of the right person at the appropriate time. You may want visitors on your website from a particular city to view an invitation to a local store featuring particular products. With clients in various industries, it may be likely for you to show related content to the industry of your visitor. If you are aware that the individual visiting your website is already a customer, then you want to reveal different information than what you would reveal to a visitor the first time.
  • You want to personalize your emails, but you certainly want to personalize your website, namely the pages with plenty of traffic. A home page is an ideal place to start. Call to actions on a blog sidebar, landing page forms and other vastly visited website pages should be personalized as well.

Customer experience shouldn't have to be a puzzle or a labyrinth. A personalized web experience can entail simple metrics used to see what actions your clients are taking and the information which they are searching or reading on your own website.

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