Where Will 2014 Take the Android App Marketplace

We live in an age where consumers can become impatient and bored with mobile technology. Advertisers for Android mobile applications must work harder than ever to engage target consumers. We see that the most experienced and prolific marketers endure challenges in connecting with consumers that was attracted to print and banner advertisements in the past.

These types of advertisements are just not doing it anymore, namely in the application market of mobile devices. The traditional marketing strategy of Android applications experience less success now than in our present climate.

If you have generated a mobile application or are assigned to market an application, then you it’s likely you have become frustrated in making an attempt to engage an audience. Installing a banner advertisement in ad space of Android seems to be the favorite mode of promotion at the present time, but even that doesn’t seem to be that effective any longer. As customers grow weary of this mode of advertising, it seems that they are removing it mentally from their mobile user experience.

The return on investment on banner advertisements seems to be diminishing severely as those in advertisement discover that they no longer convey well with the user. Although the advertisement is existent, the user may not register it in effect. This malaise has even earned some technical names in marketing jargon, such as ad blindness or banner blindness.  

This has given Android great pause as they prepare for the new year. Where will 2014 take the Android app market? Marketing an Android application doesn’t mean merely creating a vivid design and catchy phrases anymore.

Android is looking at innovative ways to attract smartphone mobile customers. In fact, they come to realize that short, animated videos are the way to future success. The next generation of consumers will eagerly watch a video; namely if this means they can avoid other sources of information. Videos can earn success for Android in a market where lengthy instructions and explanation is more of a liability than an asset. 

The key to success is not just following the latest Android app trends, it’s to focus on what your ideal customers are asking for in a mobile application. 

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