​Why Is Your Website's Speed Is So Important?

One of the greatest myths regarding web development is that 'speed doesn't matter - just as long as you have a good product/service and a following.' In reality, if mobile users are not able to load a webpage instantly, they will abandon the page regardless of what a business has to offer. For those that are not quite convinced, let the following statistics speak for itself:

According to Keynote, 2 out of 3 mobile phone users expect a web page to load up on their screen within 4 seconds. Aberdeen Group discovered that a web page that's delayed by 1 second received 11 percent less page views and 7 percent less in conversions. 85 Percent of Smartphone users demand faster loading pages compared to Desktop computers, according to Keynote.

Yahoo! developed a list of 34 rules to adhere to that directly affect a website's performance.

  • No 404s
  • Make JavaScript and CSS External
  • Reduce DNS Lookups
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Avoid Redirects
  • Remove Duplicate Scripts
  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Use a Content Delivery Network
  • Avoid CSS Expressions
  • Configure ETags
  • Make AJAX Cacheable
  • Reduce Cookie Size
  • Use Cookie-Free Domains for Components
  • Avoid Filters
  • Do Not Scale Images in HTML
  • Make favicon.ico Small and Cacheable
  • Avoid empty src or href
  • Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
  • Gzip Components
  • Put StyleSheets at the Top
  • Put Scripts at the Bottom
  • Use GET for AJAX Requests
  • Reduce the Number of DOM Elements

How does your website's speed measure up? You can test out your website's speed by testing on your mobile device. You can also recruit your staff to test it out from their mobile phones. There are free online tools you can use to test out your website's speed. A more effective way of testing your website's speed is to have a web development company New York test it out. If your site's speed is slow, a web developer will make suggestions on how to improve your load time to ensure optimal user-friendliness.

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