New Brunswick Parking Authority


The New Brunswick Parking Authority was created by an ordinance of the City of New Brunswick NJ adopted August 3, 1948. The duties of the Authority are to construct, improve, maintain and operate off-street parking facilities, to promote traffic improvements and the free flow of traffic through city streets and to improve conditions affecting public safety and welfare. The Authority is also responsible for the management and operation of on-street parking by the use of parking meters and residential permitted parking.

In 2011, NYC Web Design provided a complete redesign of the front and backend processes of the official Parking Authority website. We migrated all of their old data to their new system. The new system auto-bill's monthly permit holders and lets patrons pay parking citations. We have provided custom integration with their citation data provider and import data nightly.

We continue to provide daily support for all web support and hosting services.

Client Testimonial

The NYC Web Design team continue to provide great service to both our company and our customers for over 5 years. We can rely on our website to be fully functional at all times. Of the few issues we do encounter, any and all problems are addressed immediately; I always receive a reply back from them within 20 minutes of my initial inquiry. NYC Web Design’s fast response and sense of urgency minimizes the downtime of our website, which in turn helps us provide better service to our customers.

Kristi Santiago, Enforcement Analyst