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NYC Web Design not only designs, develops and launches your website, but also provides continuing website hosting and maintenance services.

  • We provide outstanding monthly website hosting and maintenance services.
  • No long term contracts. Cancel any time!
  • We provide professional ongoing consulting to meet your project's needs.

We're there when you need us

NYC Web Design manages all of the technical IT-related tasks so you don't have to. This includes obtaining domain names, DNS forwarding, SSL Certificates, database hosting and backing up to remote locations, a secure infrastructure to protect your website investment using advanced hardware firewalls, and a near 100% uptime guarantee ensures your website will always be online and functioning.

When it comes to regular website maintenance and updates, most web companies fall short.

Does this sound familiar?

  • 'My web designer won't return my phone call'
  • 'I've been waiting weeks for a small change to be made on my website'
  • 'My web designer is too busy to help me'
  • 'My website is offline and I'm losing business!'

We hear these statements almost daily!

Your website needs to be updated, maintained, backed up, and be supported on a regular basis. There are countless isuess that can go wrong from hosting and networking issues, database connectivity problems, handling of high volumes of traffic, enhancements to keep up with rapidly changing trends and methodologies, domain and SSL certificate renewals and installations and more.

We've been providing hosting and maintenance services for over 10 years. We understand the needs of our clients vary greatly, so we offer packages of maintenance and support from a few hours per month to much larger packets of hours at discounted rates. These packages guarantee that resources are on standby to assist you when you need it most. And they guarantee that your business needs are met promptly and securely.

Our response times are quick and issues are resolved promptly.

We will always respond to your site maintenance requests and treat your website as if it were our own website.We work with clients from all over the world across all time zones.

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Why Finding the Best Hosting Provider is vital

When developing a website for you company it is vital to pay attention to two particular aspects of the site: the content and the web host. Little things such as the load time of your site or the consistency of connection to servers can have a negative effect on gaining potential customers. Error screens and slow load times can easily be avoided if you work with a professional web hosting company.

Companies than have been hosting websites for a while often have various backup plans to prevent any type of network outage. Make sure the firm you are working with is prepared with a back-up electricity source to prevent outages and bandwidth issues. Also look into whether or not they are going to support your digital outlets through different types of internet scripts.

As the internet continues to evolve with new technology such as Web 2.0, hosts need to be able to adapt to the changes and apply them to their clients. Web hosting needs to support as many new scripts as possible or else your site may deter traffic due to accessibility.

If your current web hosting company does not pass all of these points, then it is time to search for a new one. Modern day businesses do not have time for downed servers or connection issues. Without a hundred percent uptime guarantee your website will be at risk for network and bandwidth issues during storms and crisis.

Once you gather up a list of several firms that will hit each of these points, it is time to compare prices and make a decision. The most economical option can also be the most efficient option so keep your eyes peeled. If the web host meets the basic requirements of price and service, check out their portfolio and get into contact with past clients for feedback.

Whether your website is for a business or a nonprofit organization, having a reliable web-hosting provider is vital to you and the visitors to your website. We live in a world where we expect information, products, and services to be available 24/7, and you should expect your web-hosting provider to keep up in that world.

1. Reliability is Vital

Find a reliable web-hosting provider. Constant, unexpected outages and downtime during peak business hours from an unreliable hosting provider is unacceptable in today's business world. It is the equivalent of starting up a delivery business with a bunch of old trucks that spend half their time in the shop being repaired. A reliable hosting provider has backup internet connections and emergency power generators in place to guarantee that any unexpected outage will limited in length. They had you and your organization in mind when they purchased these backup plans, not their own bottom line. They know that their success depends on your success.

2. Having a Choice of Servers is Vital

Depending on the size and needs of your organization, when you hire a good, reliable web-hosting provider, you should be able to choose what type of server you need, or wish. Some hosting companies offer only one type of server option, take it or leave it. A good hosting provider can offer a range of options from a basic shared server, all the way up to a dedicated server. If you are just starting out, a shared server may suit your needs, but as you grow, you may need to upgrade. Why not hire a web-hosting provider that gives you those choices from day one.

3. Thinking in Terms of Cost/Benefit is Vital

We have all bought something that we thought was a good deal, based on price, only to find out it was no bargain at all. It turned out to be junk that fell apart soon after purchase, and then you realized you had bought something because of its price, not its value. When finding the best hosting provider is vital to the efficiency and growth of your organization, think in terms of its value, not just price.