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Looking for clean professional web design for your website?

As web technologies like HTML and CSS evolve, more tools are provided for designers to offer clean, professional web designs. By using a great deal of white space combined with light backgrounds, we can achieve a very clean feel for your website. The use of light grays, and whites, and just a few simple colors provides a very pleasing effect on the eye and your site will have a longer shelf than heavily styled websites.

In addition to color, clean websites often have an uncluttered layout. Some may call this clean type of design 'Web 2.0' websites.

So why is simplicity good when designing websites?

Visitor's to your site often have short attention spans. The longer it takes for them to browse and find what they are looking for, the more likely it is they will leave your site as soon as they arrive.

The more cluttered your site, the more your visitor's eyes are distracted and the less likely they will notice the important items on the web site.

It is very important to minimize distraction and find solutions to lay out your information with as little complexity as possible. We can remove unnecessary components, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Items we take into consideration for achieving clean web design:

  • Simplicity
  • Central Layout
  • Fewer Columns
  • Separate top sections
  • Solid areas and sections within your site
  • Simple navigation
  • Bigger text
  • Bold text introductions
  • Strong colors
  • Rich Surfaces
  • Gradients
  • Reflections
  • Eye-catching icons

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