Stilettos on Steel


Stilettos on Steel® Female Riders Group, LLC is a female-owned business providing membership and networking services to female motorcycle riders all across the United States.  Their driving desire is to help women who dream of riding to take the next step in becoming a motorcycle rider.  Their more experienced members enjoy working with new riders to help them hone the skills learned in their riding class and prepare them for adventures on the open road with their new Stiletto Sisters.

We delivered a website and backend member management system built to their specifications and needs. Management of the growing list of members was done on cumbersome spreadsheets and time spent managing the bookkeeping and accounting of the business was consuming all hours of the day. Our custom developed system facilitated registration, searching, paying of membership fees, announcements of events and registration all in one easy-to-use location.

Chapter leaders have their own system to manage members and the full solution we provided is highly scalable whereby they can grow by many factors with ease.