Is Your Website Secure? How to Protect Your Website From Security Threats

Most people don’t realize that hackers and cybercriminals strive daily to attack website owners. Thousands of websites are hacked every year because most people fail to secure their websites, according to web security experts. What steps have you taken to ensure that your website is secure? 
Although no one can truly secure his/her website 100 percent of the time, you can greatly reduce the chances of someone hacking your website.  Below is a highly suggested safety tip from our New York City web design team:

How  to Prevent Your Website From Getting Hacked

Did you know that there are a variety of ways that hackers can break in and gain access to your website? Some people are unaware that cyber-criminal program bots (or robots) are designed to lurk through the Web for administration screens for the purpose of logging in to steal information. Once they gain access, they’re like a kid in a candy store. They will attempt to set a new password by using a combination of passwords to unlock your password.
There are multiple ways that hackers can gain access to your website. A typical hacker doesn’t just sit at his/her PC all day searching a long list of websites they should hack. They’re a lot more sophisticated and efficient with their techniques these days. As a matter of fact, they rarely use human beings to hack accounts; they use technology to their advantage. Most hackers use bots or robots to surf the Internet for admin screens, as mentioned previously. 
A hacker’s job is to try various passwords to break open the combination so-to-speak. Once they gain access to your account, they immediately change the password so that they can begin their dirty work. This is one of the reasons why New York web design companies suggest setting a username and password that’s difficult to unlock.
Often times, many people use common usernames and passwords that are memorable. The problem with choosing a password that’s too easy is that a hacker can easily break into your web account. 
Common passwords that you should avoid are: ‘pasword1234’, ‘your date of birth’ or anything that’s considered too easy. When you first sign up for your website account, most password screens can detect when a password is too easy. A little message will pop up and warn you about creating a more difficult password. 
Unfortunately, we're living in a society where you have to constantly guard your possessions - whether it’s your home, your website and even your identity. However, you can greatly reduce the chances of being hacked when you use caution and common sense. 
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