Is Your WordPress Website Safe?

Providing customers with a well-built website is essential. However, it's also important that you maintain a safe environment for your customers. In other words, it's important to maintain a website that's safe from from hacking, viruses and other vulnerabilities. Here is how to help keep your WordPress website safe:

It is crucial to maintain strong passwords. In fact, if you haven't done this already, then you don't want to procrastinate on achieving this. There is a myriad of tips listed on the Internet to capitalize on a strategy for personal passwords. Some individuals can become careless and lazy when it comes to creating a password. Several of them want one password for all their sites so that they won't forget it; others are merely satisfied using a generic password. If you aren't using a viable password with approximately ten characters, with letters and numbers, capital and lower case letters, then you are doing this completely wrong.

You should constantly keep up with your updates. WordPress updates aren't merely released for the search results of Google News. The updates are released to introduce new features, fix bugs and even to patch holes of security. Granted, WordPress may not always be a step ahead of the hackers, but it's basically like that with any software program. As with practically anything, software is always going to be a step behind most hackers. However, when crucial security holes become known, with available patches, there aren't many excuses not to implement them. Thus, there aren't excuses not to keep abreast with updates on WordPress. This goes for themes and plugins.

When updating WordPress, many may feel hesitant. They don't want to disrupt the functionality of a plugin or break a theme. Thus, it is important to remember that if you have reservations regarding this, then you should re-evaluate your plugin strategy and theme. The theme will more often than not become disrupted when a hacker inserts half a page of a creepy encrypted code into it.

When it comes to plugins, vetting them is so crucial. If a plugin isn't regularly updated, or you don't pay for support, then you should fear of it breaking with WordPress updates. Therefore, you can always reconsider using them at all.

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