​Should You Make a Separate Mobile-Friendly Website?

Once upon a time, there was a time when if we wanted to achieve a "mobile web," then we would reduce content to suit mobile usage; at times, you would see which parts are the most appropriate for mobile. However, there is no way to control what type of content users most desire. No one can say that mobile devices are so essentially unlike what you see on desktops that mobile needs its space online.

Google is renowned for penalizing users for duplicated content. This means that you can have two websites, one for mobile; one for desktops. If defeats the entire purpose of having the exact content being displayed on the search engines of Google. Thus, you don't have to make a separate mobile-friendly website.

You can use YouTube videos on your website. If you decide to use plenty of videos on the site, then the way videos are viewed on mobile will vary greatly and can be a challenge at times. Videos used from YouTube is a resolution to overcome any challenges in viewing mobile videos. This is because the embed code on YouTube is responsive already. This can save you multiple steps in ensuring that you have mobile-friendly videos.

The mobile web and smartphone are presently part of the routine life in social media. It doesn't matter where you look, whether you're on your way to your jobsite or you are having a romantic evening at a five-star restaurant, smartphones are global. The average smartphone user checks his or her device approximately 221 times a day. Basically, over 25% of the global population will be utilizing a smartphone before the end of the year.

For business owners, this has some serious implications. Along with the speedy emergence of the mobile web has come a crucial need for compatibility and mobile websites. More smartphone users utilize their devices to make purchases, as more than half of all searches on a mobile device lead to some type of purchase. Make you get yours ready because webmasters are zealous to get theirs online. How about you…are you ready?

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