Web Development Don'ts That Should Never Be Ignored

If you're planning to have a website developed by a web developer NY, it's important that you choose someone that has experiencing developing fully functional – mobile-friendly websites. Not all developers are not at the same level when it comes to web development. Whether you're a business owner or you manage an in-house web development team, here are a few important things you should know.

Don't Ignore Slow Loading Website

If you have a slow website, then you might as well not have a website. Users will not only be frustrated, but they may leave your website without converting on any actions or clicking. Not only does this apply to your landing page, but all interior pages as well. This can be more of a challenge to fix depending on what causes the load times to be slow.

Things that can cause slow load times include videos and images that aren't optimized. You want to be sure you optimize video and images, to give the code an aesthetic that is hard and first-rate. Animation can cause a website to load at a snail pace. While you work on a solution, you can consider an animation that is easy to load and can entertain users while waiting for the loading of the page. Although, this will only work for a limited time. Then, you can begin to look for the basis of the dilemma.

Using Offbeat Color Combinations

Many times, designers believe they can use colors which seem to match or close fonts. A project to design a website is very much like practically any other when it pertains to branding and style; typography palettes and consistent color are crucial. It also doesn't hurt to have a style guide so mistakes wouldn't appear on a website after launch.

Fortunately, this can be a fix that is easy even if your website has been live for quite some time. First, create a palette defined for type and color. You can select one to three fonts and colors which you will utilize and define how these should be applied to the design of the website. Once rules are outlined, the styles can be replaced in the CSS with suitable associations of color and font for a website which will appear immediately more professional and organized.

Don't Neglect Your Headlines

A headline on the homepage should explain clearly to the viewer any problems solved by your company. Incidentally, stating what you do never means you've explained whatever problems you solve. A common mistake is when a company reveals a main image which doesn't represent what the company does actually.

Don't Overdo It

Less is more when it comes to the design and experience of the user. It's not so much about having less content, but that the site doesn't feel overwhelming and cluttered. Users want to find what they're looking for and want to find it quickly.

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