What Every Business Owner Can Learn from the HTC Facebook Launch

HTC’s Facebook Home launch got a lot of Andriod users excited over the past few weeks. Even if you’re a die-hard iPhone user, HTC’s launch piqued the interest of many Smartphone users. What can a small business owner learn from the HTC Facebook launch? There is a lot you can take home. In this post, we’re going to share a few tips on how to make your next product launch exciting to your target market.

Promote Your Product ‘Well’ in Advance

Notice how HTC got their customers interested in Facebook Home well in advance? Before the product launch, they had their customers, competitors and the media waiting with anticipation. One mistake that many business owners make is waiting until the last minute to drum up excitement about their product or service. Then they are disappointed with their sales results.

Granted, most small business owners do not have the large budgets that large retail chains have, but there is no excuse. There are plenty of effective alternatives if you’re budget conscious.

  • Make sure your website is prepared for the launch. You may want to consider adding an additional page dedicated to your product launch. An experienced New York web designer can enhance your existing site or build a brand new website to display your new product.
  • Announce your product or service launch in your monthly newsletters. This doesn’t cost anything, but your time.
  • Write a guest blog post about your product launch or contact a local newspaper to write an article about your launch. Many local newspapers dedicate one day in the week for small business owners. This is a great opportunity to get local consumers interested in your business.
  • Create a short 30-second video about your launch and post it on your website and social media sites.
  • If you have a store location, you can invite your customers to a 1-day product launch party. If they invite a guest, they receive a free gift.
  • Offer discounts if customers pre-order prior to your launch. This option works out great for those who host conferences, concerts and other special events. If they purchase tickets in advance, they can receive a discount.

There are so many creative (low-cost) pre-launch ideas out there for you to choose from. The key is to get your customers and potential customers riled up over your product launch.

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