Custom Web Applications

We offer full-cycle application development from requirements to product design and development, quality assurance testing and future maintenance.

  • Affordable, powerful solutions built on our many years of combined experience.
  • Continuing support provided throughout the lifetime of the application.
  • We work with some of the largest companies in the world.

About Our Custom Application Development

Do you have specific requirements or processes for your business that regular box software cannot provide? Do you find yourself having to learn very advanced software that comes with 1,000 page manuals when you only will use 5% of what the software offers?

NYC Web Design has built many advanced custom web applications and software solutions for businesses. We offer scalable web applications that can grow with your business so you will only be paying for as much as you need at any time. Our web developers and web designers have provided affordable solutions for all industries. We are highly trained in various advanced and powerful technologies.

NYC Web Design's software development team will use the latest technologies, provide clear and frequent communication about your project status, and full-cycle quality assurance providing suport for the life of the application.

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How Custom Applications Can Help Your Business

Most custom applications allow businesses improve productivity. There are numerous advantages to using custom applications. You can find some of them below:

Improved Security

Widely used applications such as popular CMS systems are more vulnerable to hackers. Most hackers spend their efforts trying to hack into a platform that will net them a much larger amount of victims. Custom designed applications therefore are considered to be better protected.

Better Customer Service

A respectable agency that built you custom software will generally provide support and maintenance for their project. You will have less bugs, faster times for enhancements and fixes and overall and improved experience.

Will Never Become Obsolete

Custom software is built for you by a skilled team. You have complete control of the direction of the project and can enhance and improve features whenever you see fit to meet your business needs.

Built Just For Your Needs

A custom application is meant for businesses that have specific needs. You can have one application that meets all of your needs as opposed to a handful of applications that only provide one task. Overall it will be easier to keep your business data in one location and have it grow with your business.