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How to Prepare Your E-commerce Website for the Busy Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner. Is your website prepared? In this post, we're going to share a few tips on how to ensure your website is capable of providing your shoppers with an optimal user experience.

Focus on Mobile Optimization

Shoppers are less likely to abandon a website that is well-optimized. The Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide states that mobile shopping has experienced the largest growth compared to other areas. It's important that online retailer's provide users with a smooth functioning website.

Get Up-to-Speed

Make sure that your website's speed is secure. In other words, make sure that your web pages load quickly. Websites with slow speed are more likely to experience a dip in their conversion ratings. During the busiest time of the year of the year is not the time to wonder if you should get your website repaired – now is the time. SiteSpect conducted a study and found that 57% of online shoppers will abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. Make sure your website makes the mark.

Is Your Website Capable of Handling Extra Holiday Traffic

Experiencing a high volume of traffic, to an online store, is every retailer's dream. However, it can be a nightmare discovering that your website unable to handle a sudden influx of traffic. Make sure you connect with your hosting company to confirm that your site is prepared to handle a large increase of traffic.

Is Your Website Secure?

This is one aspect of web development many people neglect. Online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase on an ecommerce website that is secure. Make sure you install a high-assurance SSL/TLS certificate on our website. Experts highly suggest installing an EV SSL certificate. This particular security certificate provides an extra coating of security by providing an added trust indicator green address bar that includes a green padlock on your company's name in the address bar.

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Google Reveals When the Next Penguin Algorithm is Going to Hit

The next Penguin algorithm will be Real Time, according to Gary Illyes. This update will be like no other because the moment that Google discovers a link that has been disavowed or removed, the Penguin algorithm will "process it in real time." There is good news and bad news - because it will be in real time, a website will be able to recover faster. The same thing applies to a penalty - a person could end up with a penalty much faster.

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The Real Reason Why SEO Is Not Dead?

There has been a lot of mixed information that has gone viral about SEO becoming a thing of the past and social media has taken over. There was even a post published from a popular magazine about the reasons why SEO dead. SEO consultants and web developers came out of the woodworks claiming that the author was clueless about the SEO world. One person mentioned that Google is trying to kill SEO. In reality, Google is killing bad SEO. After reading this, we decided to create our own reasons why SEO is here for the long haul.

5 Web Development Lies Some People Love To Believe

You have probably read or heard about web development lies and half-truths. Unfortunately, some people take these myths to heart without confirmation. In this post, we're going to dispel five of the most common website development myths people love to believe.

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