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Web Design Mistakes That Rarely Go Unnoticed

You're only a few days away until you launch your new website. You notice a few glitches, but because of time constraints, you ignore them. Besides, isn't every website a work in progress? A website is never finished. Although it is true that a website is never finished, it's important to correct any web design mistakes beforehand. There are certain mistakes that will never go unnoticed.

Web Development Don'ts That Should Never Be Ignored

If you're planning to have a website developed by a web developer NY, it's important that you choose someone that has experiencing developing fully functional – mobile-friendly websites. Not all developers are not at the same level when it comes to web development. Whether you're a business owner or you manage an in-house web development team, here are a few important things you should know.

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Are Free WordPress Themes Good or Bad for SEO?

You may be thinking: Are free WordPress themes good or bad for SEO? You can answer with a YES and NO. The benefit of using WordPress is the vast array available of free themes. Many of these aren't only harmless, but ideal choices for any blog or website. However, some can severely hurt your SEO.

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​Should You Make a Separate Mobile-Friendly Website?

Once upon a time, there was a time when if we wanted to achieve a "mobile web," then we would reduce content to suit mobile usage; at times, you would see which parts are the most appropriate for mobile. However, there is no way to control what type of content users most desire. No one can say that mobile devices are so essentially unlike what you see on desktops that mobile needs its space online.

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