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Why Every Business Needs a Professional Graphic Designer

There are two things every business should have: a good web designer and graphic designer. Whether we like it or not, our society truly does judge a book by its cover. You can offer a valuable product or service to your audience, but if your packaging doesn’t have 'the right look', people will turn the other way. The same thing applies to your online presence.  Here are a few reasons why every business should have access to a professional New York graphic designer.

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How to Create a Marketable Pricing Table

There are many deciding factors when it comes to a customer making a buying decision. Having a captivating website design and fresh marketable content is all good; however, if you want to really hook your audience you need to have a marketable pricing table.

Don't over sell - keep it simple

How can you over sell on a pricing table? Isn't 'selling' the purpose of having a pricing table in the first place? The answer will always be 'yes', but you can't have too much information or too little. In other words, you don't want to plaster your pricing table with too much text. Less is more. When you have too much information, it's like information overload.

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5 Branding Tips that Will Get Your Website Noticed


Your brand is one of the most important elements of your business. Your brand can make or break a business. Here are five branding tips that will get your website noticed.

1. Have a Clear Unique Selling Proposition

Whether you’re a consultant, landscaper or an online retail store owner, you should have a clear unique selling proposition. To figure this out, you must be able to determine what sets your business apart from your competition. Ask yourself how you’re different than other businesses within your industry. Once you have established what your unique selling proposition is, then incorporate it with your branding strategy.

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Graphic Design Tips - When is it Okay to Break the Rules?

When it comes to graphic design, rules are meant to be broken. Breaking a few rules every now and then can leave a lasting impression with your website viewers. When a graphic design is well executed, it can set you apart from your competition

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