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The Top Mobile Development Tools to Use Now

Multi-platform mobile app formatting can be quite a challenge. Each platform exhibits various features, behavior and capabilities in a unique way. However, multi-platform applications are popular now, so as a mobile app developer in NY, it is necessary to discover solutions to develop the best applications which are cross-formatted. Of course, this can be achieved without disposing all your resources on developing for some platforms simultaneously.

Fortunately, there are several ideal multi-platform mobile development tools to use now in the marketplace. Here are some top mobile development tools to use now:

The Latest iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks

The truth is any first-rate iOS application is comprised of three chief facets: a smart idea, fascinating design and great performance. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks on how to boost the performance of your customized iOS application. The professionals are typically obsessive over every small detail in their applications and spend a considerable amount of time hovering over the process at the close of release cycles.

As for the latest iOS app performance tips and tricks:

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Six Things Business Owners Need to Know About Mobile Users

More than 50% of all Americans use a smartphone device and nearly 25% of all activity online come from mobile devices. Needless to say, we are in a new age in the future of mobile marketing and technology.

Here are six things business owners need to know about mobile users:

  • The future of mobile marketing is already in motion and many businesses are still playing catch-up. Frankly, no one could've predicted this completely as the boost of mobile ownership can have an impact on all our activities online.
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The Latest Mobile Apps for Serious Entrepreneurs

It is a very rewarding experience to be an entrepreneur. However, there is a plethora of challenges that comes with the territory. It is not always easy for an entrepreneur to remain organized. Applications are an effective way to remain organized and on target for every business owner in daily business activities.

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5 Things Mobile Users Hate about Poorly Designed Websites

We all know that poor user experience can be a major cause for low visitor-to-lead conversion rates, a bad reputation, high page abandonment rates and poor organic search listing positions. Here are five things mobile users hate about poorly designed websites:

1.    Let’s be clear…pop-ups have, is and will always be vastly annoying. Although a pop-up can probably attract some new email subscribers, it’s not a good investment when you consider all the visitors who will vacate your website in frustration. You can convert visitors to your website into clients with gripping offers and innovative content, not infuriating gimmicks.

2.    When a page loads, automatically playing multimedia content can be quite invasive. Someone may want to enjoy a quite browsing session and then they are bombarded with a talking head on a video or your theme song for which he/she didn’t press play; this is before they have to search for the stop button. Visitors should make the choice to play the multimedia content you like; nobody should be forced to listen to your material.

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