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Web Video Marketing: A Fast and Affordable Way of Reaching Your Audience

Your website has been designed, your SEO campaign is in full gear and your social media strategy is in place. Have you considered video marketing? Not yet? If you're looking for a fast and economical way of increasing your online exposure and attracting potential customers, video marketing is your ticket to online success. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

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Are Free WordPress Themes Good or Bad for SEO?

You may be thinking: Are free WordPress themes good or bad for SEO? You can answer with a YES and NO. The benefit of using WordPress is the vast array available of free themes. Many of these aren't only harmless, but ideal choices for any blog or website. However, some can severely hurt your SEO.

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​Web Development & SEO Lies Some People Believe

You have probably read about them on blogs or heard about them on Social Media – web development lies and half-truths. Unfortunately, some people take these myths to heart without conducting research first. In this post, we're going to share and dispel five of the most common website development myths people love to believe.

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Must-Haves: From Mobile to Market Success

We cannot deny that the mobile app development industry is in a boom. The vast assortment of iOS and the ever-increasing demand for applications for various mobile systems is basically creating a conforming boost of mobile application developers for these iOS and mobile devices.

If you want to go from mobile to market success, it is necessary is to understand what makes an application viable in the market. As for mobile app marketing, you need to make the marketplace aware of your app. What's the point of it all if you create a mobile app that's completely obscure to your audience?

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