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Web Video Marketing: A Fast and Affordable Way of Reaching Your Audience

Your website has been designed, your SEO campaign is in full gear and your social media strategy is in place. Have you considered video marketing? Not yet? If you're looking for a fast and economical way of increasing your online exposure and attracting potential customers, video marketing is your ticket to online success. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

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‚ÄčTop Responsive WordPress Plugins to Use for Your Business Website

Choosing the right plugins for your website is an excellent way to help provide a better experience for your visitors. Plus, it is a great way to manage your content. Here are a few of the top responsive WordPress plugins to use for your website.

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Six Advantages of Responsive Design for Small Business Owners

One cannot deny the driving force of popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. They are the propelling force behind the increasing demand for responsive design. In comparison to laptops and PC desktops, smartphones and tablets have smaller screens, which presents a number of challenges.

The experience is hardly satisfying when an individual views a website optimized for large screens on a smaller screen. It is beneficial for your website to have a responsive design; that way you don't have to redirect visitors to your site's mobile version.

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Is Your Website Following the Latest Web Design & Development Trends?

Web design changes every year as many cutting-edge trends are being published day-to-day. Many see 2015 as a year when the best is yet to come in web design trends. As we look ahead, many ask what the latest web design trends for 2015 are - here are a few to begin with.

  • Most new website designs published now tend to have more in length when you have to scroll through the page. Mobile devices are becoming more popular and more routine for websites to select scrolling instead of linking as a way to show content, namely on their home pages. Users can simply scroll through a page to acquire information than it is to click constantly to find information. The trend of long scrolling isn't only spotted on homepages. Fortunately, the benefits of scrolling have multiplied, as seen in about and product pages, as well as homepages; this can be a means to display a vast array of content gracefully.
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What is Responsive Design? Why Does it Matter?

Imagine what life would be like if you had to have a separate website to accommodate each wireless device? You would need a separate website for people who access your website from an iPhone, Android and a tablet. This would be a costly endeavor.  Thanks to Responsive Design, all you need is a responsive web design and anyone will be able to access your website regardless of what device they use. 
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