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Google Reveals When the Next Penguin Algorithm is Going to Hit

The next Penguin algorithm will be Real Time, according to Gary Illyes. This update will be like no other because the moment that Google discovers a link that has been disavowed or removed, the Penguin algorithm will "process it in real time." There is good news and bad news - because it will be in real time, a website will be able to recover faster. The same thing applies to a penalty - a person could end up with a penalty much faster.

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Why Every Business Should Monitor Its Website for Malware

Malware can wreak havoc on a website and cause potential security problems for everyone that logs-in. It is a fact that there are between 50,000 to 180,000 failed attempts at login daily on various sites hosted. Find out why every business should monitor its website for malware.

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Is Your WordPress Website Safe?

Providing customers with a well-built website is essential. However, it's also important that you maintain a safe environment for your customers. In other words, it's important to maintain a website that's safe from hacking, viruses and other vulnerabilities. Here is how to help keep your WordPress website safe.

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Is Your Website Secure? How to Protect Your Website From Security Threats

Most people don’t realize that hackers and cybercriminals strive daily to attack website owners. Thousands of websites are hacked every year because most people fail to secure their websites, according to web security experts. What steps have you taken to ensure that your website is secure? 
Although no one can truly secure his/her website 100 percent of the time, you can greatly reduce the chances of someone hacking your website.  Below is a highly suggested safety tip from our New York City web design team:
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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an About Us Page

If you were on an elevator with five potential clients and you had less than 60 seconds to describe your business, you would be a pro (hopefully). Most people are able to make their business sound interesting in just a few words; however, when it comes to having a good ‘About Us’ page, that’s another story.

Unfortunately, many about us pages on the Internet have a failing grade. Many people fail to realize that their about us page is their calling card to having a successful website. Just like the Home Page, the About Us page must be able to capture the attention of your viewers in just a few seconds. In this article, we’re going to share 3 common mistakes to avoid when creating your about us page.
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